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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 -

Ruff’s Easter Brunch was another great success this year!!

We had some new faces, and our regulars. This is such a great event so please tell all your friends and mark your calenders for next year. Also, don’t forget RUFF usually has a Thanks Giving dinner at Tivoli Terrace in November.

Sue,  Shelly and the board members from Ruff did a great job organizing everything. Kate from Tivoli Too! was managing the event, and did an awesome job.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers who made it happen, and of course everyone who came.

We really enjoy donating our services to RUFF. Bob loves to entertain all the doggies………..oh and their humans of course!!

Remember, if you’d like to volunteer for RUFF (Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends) contact them:

RUFF’S Easter Brunch is held every year at Tivoli Too! in Laguna Beach. Tivoli Too! is a fabulous place to have any event. Especially a wedding. It has such a romantic atmosphere, with fountains, statues and a waterfall cascading down the canyon.

This is ‘Lucy’ with her humans ;) Check out her outfit change later on. You’ll have to see if you can recognize her.

This is Sue on the far left and her husband Shelly on the far right. With the help of the other board members they put together the whole Easter Brunch and the Thanks Giving Dinner every year, and what an amazing job they do. They work so hard for the animals and give so much of their time. The lovely lady in the middle volunteers every year, and I’m really bad at remembering names!!!

Here’s Lucy’s outfit change! Cute!

Wonderful volunteers…..Thank You!!!

Guests signing in.

This photo doesn’t actually show how large this dog is, but he or she is a Bull Mastiff.

These two are ready to mingle.

Could be an angel or a rabbit dog!

Good Doggie.

Good human!

Easter bunny.

Greeting everyone.

They have the same eyebrows : )

Jordan & Jason, our youngest volunteers……… cute are they??!!

Sleepy heads.

Love the daisy collar.

Look at these beautiful portraits, and the wonderful artists.

Tivoli Too! did a great job with the food. Kate the manager did a great job.

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