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Up Lighting Transforms Your Event

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 -

Up Lighting can make a huge difference to your special event, it definitely is trending right now.

But the type of Up Lighting is what really counts. Most DJs carry the corded Up Lighting, with tons of wires, plug boards and duct tape running through out the venue.

We carry “State Of The Art WIRELESS UP LIGHTS”!!!  These literally can be placed anywhere, with a transmitter spanning 300 plus feet. NO cords, plug boards or duct tape for guests to trip over!!

With a variety of spectacular colors they transform your venue into something truly wonderful.

Sound activation allows the Up Lights to dance along with you! They have many other features also, such as strobe, fade etc.

Come for a complimentary consultation, and we’ll give you a demonstration.


These photos were taken by Robert Yee. Robert’s part of our DJ/Photography Package which saves you a lot of money. His photos are FABULOUS!!!

Check out his website:  www.yeerphoto.com

Before shot, no Up Lights


After Up Lights!!