RUFF FUNDRAISER (Tivoli Too! April 12th, 2009) - Saturday, May 30th, 2009

‘RUFF’  is a wonderful organization dedicated to  ‘Rescuing ‘Unwanted ‘Furry ‘Friends. Every year we donate our services to their Easter Brunch which they hold at Tivoli Too! in Laguna Beach on Easter Sunday. It’s open to the public so anyone can go, and reservations are suggested. The champagne brunch is fantastic, and the food is delicious. June Neptune, the owner of  Tivoli Too! donates a lot of the food also. Volunteers from RUFF work hard serving the brunch.

Bob has been entertaining at RUFF’S Easter Fund Raiser for 8 years during the brunch with his amazing tributes to all the classic singers such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Neil Diamond and Barry White, just to name a few. Then a little bit later on, he gets all the doggies and their companions out there on the dance floor, and he sings “What’s New Pussy Cat”, for all the cats, and plays “Who Let The Dogs Out”, for the doggies. Yes…………………… there is one particular cat who attends every year, and is so cute, he’s more like a dog!!!

A lot of people who attend this are regulars, they come every year as they have so much fun and are big fans of Bob, they get entertained while helping the animals.  There’s also a silent auction, plus the cutest puppies who need adopting.

But, due to the recession the number of attendees was down from the usual.  If you would like to support, volunteer or donate to this wonderful charity please go to  or call (949) 580-1092

Scroll down for some great shots I took, plus a video of the doggies dancing on the dance floor while Bob sings for them!!


Pretty in Pink!!


Yes……………..that’s a doggie!


Here’s a different view to prove it!


This is one of the puppies ’Coco’ who needs a home, and can you believe, he did NOT get adopted!!!


For those of you who have seen the commercial………”Roll that beautiful bean footage”!!!


Showing off her little orange bow and rose strand necklace.


I love the expressions on these doggies faces, the one in the back looks like he wants to go dance,  but is thinking, “I’ve shaved my back legs but, darn……. I forgot to shave my front ones!!!” The one in the middle, “What am I doing here??” The one in the front…………..”I could be riding in the car with my head out the window and my doggles on listening to Bob’s CD!”


These 2 attend every year………they are very loyal to RUFF.


So does she……………….another pretty in pink.


Yep……………that is a BIG dog handing out doggie biscuits, which were much appreciated.


From left to right Big Dog, Jose who’s telling him he needs to be on leash! Yesi and Javier. They work at Tivoli Terrace & Too! Except for Big Dog, he just made a guest appearance for the day.





Strike a pose……………..


Bob singing as the doggies begin to make their way to the dance floor………………everyone’s very…………happy!




Having fun singing along with Bob!


Exhausted after eating too much and dancing all day!!!!


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6 Responses to “RUFF FUNDRAISER (Tivoli Too! April 12th, 2009)”

  1. Sandra Truelove Says:

    Wow, what a great event! American Mobile really “rocked” it! You both are great. And the support you give RUFF is amazing. We will definately recommend you to all our friends! Your the best.
    Thanks again!
    Much aloha,

  2. Laurie Jones Says:

    We had a great time, as usual. Our family seems to be making it an Easter tradition! Thank you for making the day such a fun way to raise money to help our furry friends!

  3. yasmin Says:

    The dogs are dressed so much better than Me.

  4. admin Says:

    I totally agree!!

  5. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Excellent site, keep up the good work

  6. mary petrauskas Says:

    I would love to be there to help this benefit. Please call me to let me know what I have to do. Thanks


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